Submit to Timeline

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Pagan Music Timeline!

Only music with Pagan Themes will be accepted.  We consider music of any style, but the lyrics must be about subjects related to Paganism… ie: Goddess worship, Magickal practices, etc.  If instrumental music, the TITLES of the songs are considered in this process.

You must submit a copy of your album to us in it’s original release format, in order to add it to the Pagan Music Timeline.  All formats are accepted… Vinyl, Cassette Tape, CD, etc.  We will accept MP3s if it was the ONLY way it was ever released.

To begin the submission process of your album to the Pagan Music Timeline, please fill out the following form.  We will contact you back and give you a shipping address to send the album demo to.

If you have multiple albums to submit, you must fill out this form once for each album, but you can ship them all together in one package.

If you released an album or song in one format (ie: cassette tape) and then later re-released it in another format (ie: CD), you can have TWO entries for that one album, based on date of the releases, but you’ll need to send copies of each version of the album as demos.

We, Earth Tones Studios (Alexian and Victor) are providing this service free of charge, but please consider supporting us by making a Donation, or even consider Advertising your music on the website!  (coming soon)


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