A Whisper by Chirleison


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This is the debut CD from this Italian trio performing beautiful and romantic neo-folk music. Hailing from the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, CHIRLEISON represent the spirit of ancient Italy while introducing a rich ethereal sound captured by the heavenly voice of Alessia and the atmospheric keyboards of Mara. The sound of CHIRLEISON is suited against a lush backdrop of melancholic acoustic guitars performed by Daniele. Presented in a multi-panel digipak featuring cover photography by Martin Pels. Mastered by Barry Galvin of Mephisto Walz.

Track List:

  1. Medea
  2. A Whisper
  3. Canzone Per Anceo
  4. Rosary
  5. I Doni
  6. Reveil
  7. AutreFois
  8. Delicate Magnetism
  9. Strings

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