Founded as Earth Tones Studios in 1993.  Supporting ALL Pagan Music online as PaganMusic.com since 1997.

Victor and Alexian at Stonehenge

Doug and Victor at Stonehenge

As we approach our 30th year in business, we are re-organizing and re-powering up PaganMusic.com to become an official Information Hub about Pagan Music.  In the process, we are liquidating the rest of our stock.  We have some amazing recordings, as well as bumper stickers, books, t-shirts, etc.  We will get them all online as quickly as we can for you to peruse.  In the meanwhile, take a look around, and definitely, check out the Timeline!  Send all your Pagan Musician friends our way too!  We want to get them listed on the Timeline!  Bast Blessings!  Alexian & Victor  🙂