Alexian: The Mother, The Magick, The Music


Alexian’s 1st album, released in 1992, digitally remastered to CD in 2000.

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Song List:


1. Listen to the Wind [S, V] 7. The Power Turns [M, V]
2. Save Me [S, V] 8. Bast [F, S, V]
3. Crone Chant [C, D, F]  9. Cave Magick [C, D, R, S, M]
4. Mommie [M, V] 10. Perfect Love [I=Piano, R]
5. Cool to be a Witch [F, V] 11. The Call [A, K, R, N]
6. The Wise Ones [C, M, V] [Key for Song Characteristics]


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