Crystal Ball Gazing by Uma Silbey


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A new way to relax, heal, create, and “see”.

Crystal balls can be used for far more than telling fortunes, as crystal expert Uma Silbey explains in this unique, step-be-step guide. From choosing the right ball to protecting it when not in use, Silbey shows you the myriad ways you can tap into this special – and beautiful – form of practical spirituality.

In this book, Silbey shows you

  • How to choose the right ball, including how to use it in combination with other natural stones
  • Everyday applications: how to reduce stress, make decisions, and solve problems
  • The fine art of interpretation: how to recognize and read symbols, ask questions, and “see” clearly
  • Doorways to other worlds: how to read the past and future, astral and time traveling, even meet spirit guides and angels
  • How to keep your feet on the ground, with an important reminder that the crystal ball in fact reveals wisdom that you already possess

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