Kiva’s Excellent English Excursion


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When Kiva was planning a trip to England to perform at the Billingham International Folklore Festival in 1999, many fans asked if the performances would be recorded. With all the requests, Ariana bought a CD minidisc recorder and a stereo microphone. With these tools in hand, she set out to record Kiva’s performances. Most of the performances were recorded from the foot of the stage with that single stereo microphone. Using a computer, she created the KIVA’s Excellent English Excursion CD. The sound certainly isn’t studio quality, but they have good reviews of the album from the fans.

Track List:

  1. Fanga
  2. Alchemy
  3. Devi Puja
  4. Star of the County Down
  5. Witchin Hour
  6. Into the Woods
  7. Pollution
  8. Pie in the Sky
  9. Oak & Ash & Thorn
  10. Empowerment
  11. Red Road
  12. We Have Returned
  13. Go Now

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