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Shelve your inhibitions and dance wildly upon the face of the reborn Earth

Whether you’re breaking into the seed catalogs or taking off for spring break, the lure of the vernal equinox is impossible to ignore. Called Ostara or Eostre in nature spiritualities, it is one of the most primitive and “earthy” of the solar festivals.

Many of the symbols and customs surrounding the Christian celebration of Easter come directly from Euro-Pagan practices. Why is the humble egg such a potent trademark of spring? And what about that Easter bunny? This book discusses such universal symbols that have survived intact for thousands of years.

From coloring eggs with natural plant dyes, to spring cleaning rituals, to spells for love and lust, this book will help you connect with the spirit of the festival and incorporate its rituals and customs, both ancient and new, into your own Ostara celebrations.

* Of interest to Pagans and Christians alike, as many of the symbols and customs surrounding Easter come directly from Euro-Pagan practices
* A sourcebook for understanding the spiritual aspects of the vernal equinox
* Full of rituals, spells, recipes, crafts, and customs to celebrate spring


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