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Pandemonaeon’s self-titled debut album on Trance Jam Records reflects the influence of Sharon’s involvement with bellydance. Winter infused the Middle-Eastern rhythms with his own rock & blues background. Dark, mystical, yet very celebratory, Sharon’s lyrics suggest a fiercely passionate approach to life. The 11-song CD features tracks such as Born To Let Our Brilliance Shine, which was inspired by Nelson Mandela’s inaugural address, & This Night I Ride – a Celtic-inspired story of a woman who finds success by challenging the Fairy Queen.

Track List:

  1. This Night I Ride
  2. Lamplight
  3. Serpentina
  4. Shimmering Sheen
  5. Kashlimar
  6. Black Snake
  7. Sunny Simone
  8. Word of Honor
  9. Indian Whisper
  10. Born to Let Our Brilliance Shine
  11. Until Then

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