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Find Yourself in the Rhythm – Let go into the sacred groove as Zingaia’s world trance-dance music empowers you to find your own dance of life. Sensual African, Middle-Eastern and Indian rhythms, ecstatic global instruments and exotic voices come together in an irresistibly cool techno-tribal sound that will get your your feet moving and your spirit soaring. Musical mastermind Michael Breene has returned with an earthy, invigorating world groove tour-de-force. By combining ethnic instruments and voices with modern dance beats Zingaia has defined the leading edge of the global trance-dance sound. Put your body in motion and free your soul!

Enhance CD: Includes music video from the motion picture “Dances of Ecstasy”

WINNER ~ COVR Visionary Award Best World Album of 2005

Track Listing:

1. Soles on Earth
2. Bone Dancer
3. Dancing with Ganesha
4. Nomad’s Land
5. In the Between
6. In the Center
7. Portal of Water
8. Shamantic
9. Sahaja
10. Sky Dancer


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