The Age of the Great Goddess by Marija Gimbutas


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On this 2-cassette series, The Age of the Great Goddess, Marija Gimbutas, Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at UCLA, uncovers the rich world of this lost culture, documenting her ideas with a lifetime or research and discovery. The story of this audio session begins in the 1920s, when Marija Gimbutas was a young girl living in Lithuania. Gimbutas was fascinated with the folk tales of the region, where Christianity was introduced relatively late (the 16th century). Many of these stories concerned the “Old Religion” and the Great Goddess – and were passed down as folklore from before the birth of Christ.

After training as an archaeologist, Gimbutas led five expeditions over three decades to explore the origins of the earliest European religions. What emerged from her life’s work is evidence of an advanced culture, based not on weapons and fear, but on the presence of a unique female fire symbolizing a sacred union with all of nature. The Age of the Great Goddess describes the dramatic findings of Marija Gimbutas, and her quest for a sacred heritage lost in antiquity.

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