The Didjeridoo by Inklakesh


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Master didjeridoo players Rob Thomas and Tanya Gerard of Australia have played the didjeridoo since the mid 1980’s. They have performed together as Inlakesh since 1990 – a group that combines the didjeridoo with Tibetan horns, gongs, tribal percussion and location recordings from around the globe to create purely acoustical trance music. Rob and Tanya have taught several thousand people how to play the didjeridoo over the years and have put together the simplest, best techniques for learning the didjeridoo on this video.

This Video Includes:

  • What to look for in a good didjeridoo
  • How to form a beeswax mouthpiece
  • How to achieve the rich clear tone
  • How to vary the tone
  • How to make bird & animal sounds
  • 3 step technique for Circular Breathing
  • Basic rhythms
  • Advanced rhythms

In each stage of the lessons, you will see close-ups of the breathing patterns, the mouth movements and the lip movements, making it easy to understand. The rhythm section covers basic, easy to learn rhythmic patterns as well as extremely fast rhythmic patterns similar to the Northern Arnhem Land style of playing.

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