The Red Album – Pagan Voices for Reproductive Rights


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We’re pagan, we’re pro-choice and we’re proud.

Nineteen pagan bands and artists have joined together to raise money for abortion access for everyone, everywhere in America.

1. Revolution by Mama Gina
2. Devil at the Door by S.J. Tucker
3. How Dare You! by Crow Women
4. The Power of the Goddess by Celia Farran
5. Like a Bird She Flew by Brian Henke
6. A Song for Emmeline by Pan Fried
7. Mother Of by Spiral Rhythm
8. Goddess Calling by Meren King
9. Born of Crime by Alexian
10. Hands Off! Bans Off! by Kira Lang
11. The Endless Road by Richard Williamson
12. Scarlett by Spellsinger
13. Hypocratic Oath by Alexander James Adams
14. Pull the Parachutes by Krista Chapman Green
15. Reclaim by Ginger Ackley
16. Nothing Holy But the Blood by Louis Garou
17. My Body is Mine by Sydney Michael
18. It’s About Choice – Empowered Serenity by Primal Rhythm / Sue Balaschak
19. Goddess, Help Them by Mr. E.

*** NOTE: The Red Album CD comes without shrink wrap on purpose. As Pagans, we believe in living harmoniously with nature and being mindful of our impact on the environment. Shrink wrap, a type of plastic packaging used to protect CDs and other products, contributes to the growing problem of plastic waste. This waste often ends up in landfills or polluting our oceans, causing harm to wildlife and the delicate balance of ecosystems. By choosing not to have shrink wrap on our CD, we are making a conscious decision to minimize my environmental footprint and live in accordance with our Pagan values.

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