Adiemus 2 Cantata Mundi by Karl Jenkins


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Brand New. Opened only to make sound clips.

  1. Cantus Song of Tears
  2. Chorale I (Za Ma Ba)
  3. Cantus Song of the Spirit
  4. Chorale II  (Roosh Ka Ma)
  5. Cantus Song of the Trinity
  6. Chorale III  (Vocalise)
  7. Cantus Song of the Odyssey
  8. Chorale IV  (Alame Oo Ya)
  9. Cantus Song of the Plains
  10. Chorale V  Arama Ivi)
  11. Cantus Song of Invocation
  12. Chorale VI  (Sol Fa)
  13. Cantus Song of Aeolus
  14. Chorale VII  (A Maka Ma)
  15. Cantilena
  16. Elegia

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