Between Lives by Heather Pierson


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Organic handmade percussion and rich melodic textures are artfully combined in a musical invitation to ecstatic dance and joyful movement.

Joining her is Alfred Lund, a musician, drum-maker, and healer. He understands the world around him in terms of rhythm, movement, and connection. Heather Pierson is a pianist, vocalist, percussionist, and the owner of Vessel Recordings. She uses the language of music to invite people into an experience of community.

In pieces ranging from the smooth, liquid title track to the barely controlled chaos of “Maelstrom”, Heather and Alfred bring the listener at once inside, to the source of movement, and then outside, as that movement begs expression. Suitable for fans of new age, world beat, and dance music.

Track Listing:

  1. Between Lives 
  2. Moontrance 
  3. Prior Commitment
  4. Maelstrom
  5. Walking With Clara 
  6. Beyond Reach  
  7. Strange Flow  
  8. Stance 
  9. Snowflower 
  10. Avery’s Lullaby

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