Celtic Mystery Tour by Dancer’s Dream


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Celtic Mystery Tour, a 1998 Dancer’s Dream album, presents flowing original tunes that enchant the listeners’ ears and hearts. Played on the violin, guitar, flute, percussion, and piano, the delightful melodies and dancing rhythms evoke images of legendary landscapes alive with mystery. This album unites the ethereal sound with spirted Celtic dances to create a well-rounded hour of moving, mystical music.

  1. Midnight Star
  2. Colours of Dawn
  3. Faeryland Loop
  4. Three Bridges
  5. White Waters
  6. Metaphysica
  7. Light Dance
  8. Slow Pictures
  9. Birdsong
  10. Green Angel
  11. The Real Wheel Reel

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