Dancers of Twilight by Zingaia


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Enter a sensuous world of exotic world rhythms, female vocals, and smooth global trance grooves. 

This long-anticipated follow-up to Beneath the Veil from music/art wizards Michael and Katlyn Breene (Zingaia), also features the captivating vocals of newest member, Abbi Spinner. Dancers of Twilight continues to explore the union of the erotic and the sacred, in a breathtaking mixture of ethnic instruments, electronica, silky vocals, and world dance rhythms. Zingaia explores musical paths in the tradition of Enigma and Delirium, but they have a unique sound all their own.

Discover the sacred pleasure within… celebrate the eternal dance of life and love.

Track List:

  1. Ondine  
  2. Divine Flame  
  3. Wild As You  
  4. At the Window  
  5. Shape Shifter
  6. Life After Life
  7. Magus  
  8. Dark Eros 
  9. Vine of the Soul  
  10. Dancers of Twilight

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