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This festive flute CD features Andalin Bachman on the white/gold/platinum Miyazawa flute. It fuzes beautiful Middle Eastern / Mediterranean scales and rhythms with jazz improvisation, progressive rock and just the “right amount” of classical commentary. In fact, this CD includes perhaps the only world dance version of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. The flute part is amazing, and now flutists will be able to play along with their own melody!

All songs are original by Alan Scott Bachman of Desert Wind, except for Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, to which Andalin wrote a moving flute part. Alan’s arrangement is stunning. This full length CD contains strong melodic structure featuring a powerful and beautiful flute performance enhanced by serious underlying percussion including tabla, conga, trap drums, riq, doumbek, electric and acoustic bass, guitar, mandolin, grand piano and much more!

This delicious musical blend is both soothing and exciting. Full of surprises, from the opening thunder (recorded live from the studio window) to the the ending rock guitar / flute duo, Desert Wind has taken this instrumental music to a new level. Zjari adds the perfect vocal touch to Flute Voyage, Andalin’s Song and Downtown Beladi. Flute Fest is a showcase of flute talent, which flutists can refer to in embracing numerous musical styles! From Parthenogenesis to Disco Beladi, exotic Middle Eastern / Mediterranean rhythms and scales take Andalin’s passionate jazz / rock fluting to a whole new level!

Track Listing:


Roses Bloom (Chifti)

Downtown Baladi  

Andalin’s Song  

You’re the Bossa    

Tribal Convergence  

Moonlight Sonata  

Return of the Tribes  

Veil Dancer (Chifti)  

Fly With Me 

Backman’s Bolero  

Flute Voyage  

Disco Beledi   

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