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Enemy Glory Darkly Blessed is a new version of Point Of Ares’s critically acclaimed debut release, Enemy Glory. It contains rewritten and rearranged songs from the original album, along with several completely new tracks, darkly blessed with magic and rock n’ roll in support of Tor Books’s publication of bassist-vocalist Karen Michalson’s epic fantasy series, Enemy Glory. Enemy Glory Darkly Blessed is an art rock / adventure rock concept album based on Karen’s fantasy series. The songs represent selected emotional experiences from the point of view of the characters in Karen’s fictional world.

Brand New. Opened only to make sound clips.

  1. North Country
  2. Ghost in the Flesh
  3. Sunnashiven
  4. Threle
  5. The Practice of Magic
  6. Mock’s
  7. Kursen
  8. Games
  9. Track
  10. Second Epilogue
  11. Slouching Towards Chaos
  12. Last Day
  13. Dark or Light
  14. Battle’s One
  15. And Back

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