From the Mother by Sue Young


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“In 1991, I encountered through Riane Eisler’s book The Chalice and the Blade images of the Divine Feminine and accounts of ancient cultures who worshipped God as Mother, or the Goddess. These images had a powerful impact on me. I felt more whole, more complete, as if I had found a part of myself that had been missing. My experience of God took on a new dimension and became more personal and intimate. I began to search for images and experiences of God as Feminine in both my own (Christian) and other traditions. In 1993, I began to write songs about my deepening relationship with the Sacred Feminine. I offer these songs to you in the hope that they will serve you on your journey and bring you closer to the Divine.” – Sue

Track List:

  1. This is My Body
  2. Amma Devi
  3. Mother of Wisdom & Compassion
  4. Tejedora de Suenos
  5. Madre Del Mundo
  6. Luna Luna
  7. Our Lady of the Hills
  8. Kali Kali Ma/Hold Me to Your Heart
  9. Like a Mother Eagle
  10. Ruach

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