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Global’s third and most powerful album to date, Gig-na-gig festively celebrates the dance of life, drawing on the deep tribal pulse of this land and a wild web of rhythms.

A windstorm of shamanic trance dance with a hypnotic techno groove and a swirling web of rhythms, instruments include sampled and synthesized keyboards, loops, vocals, flute, guitar, didgeridoo, acoustic drums and percussion.

“The whole of Gig-na-Gig stands as a testament to the way musical fusions can work when delivered by the hands and minds of those with courage and spirit. It touches both the stars and the soil in its enthralling brilliance” – Rock ‘n’ Reel Magazine.

Track List:

  1. Weaving Darkness
  2. Didge-na-Gig
  3. These Feet Walking
  4. Isle of Mystery
  5. Tuatha-na-Gig
  6. Pass the Pulse
  7. The Universe is Rushing By
  8. Small Stone
  9. The Universe (Pulse Mix)

Total album duration: 69 minutes.

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