Chants from Isis by Nhanda Devi


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At the age of 24 during meditation Nhanda Devi was blessed by a very powerful experience when “it” started to sign through her. After this first opening the experience became deeper and deeper. Since this time many people were touched by her way of singing. Nhanda Devi creates an energy space, which allows the listener to get in touch with the ancient female divine force, embodied by goddess Isis, which guides you to your own female source and unity, Chants from Isis were developed at different places of power in Germany.

In 1991 Nhanda Devi initiated the project “Mystery Voice”. In her groups she assists people though energy work, meditation and the power of the voice to connect again with their inner healing power and wisdom.

Track Listing:

1 Call to The Priestess
2 Prayer
3 Phaotep
4 Sun-Ritual
5 Hymn to The Goddess
6 Devotion
7 Entering the Temple of Light
8 Call To Isis
9 Healing Grounds
10 Initiation
11 Path Of The Priesthood
12 Ritual Of The Sisterhood
13 High Spirit

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