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Following the successful “Nightingale” single series, the long-awaited full-length album from Mephisto Walz is here! Fans of classic goth rock will not be disappointed by this veteran band’s undertaking. An adroit, hot, and aggressive melange of memorable songs that hook the listener into a world of melancholic ethereal guitars, voices, and rhythms. A bold release from one of the few remaining classic gothic-ethereal-punk rock bands. This collection will inspire nostalgia while touching the heart of fans who desire a more emotive and passionate quality to their music. This domestic edition comes presented in a luxurious digipak format with a different cover design than the European version published by Dark Dimensions. Featuring beautiful cover photography by Elisa Lazo.

Track List:

  1. A Magic Bag
  2. Our Flesh
  3. Watching from the Darkest Places
  4. Before these Crimes
  5. One Less Day
  6. I Want
  7. Witches Gold
  8. Memories Kill
  9. Nightingale
  10. Ombra Mai Fu

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