Mirror of the Middle Ages by The Soil Bleeds Black


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The sixth full length album from TSBB presents a combination of contemporary and traditional pieces representing the Middle Ages. Their most medieval work to-date. This limited CD version features different artwork and a different track listing than the original advanced LP edition.

Track List:

  1. Ring Around the Rosey
  2. So Saith the Song of Sigurd
  3. Kyrie Eleison
  4. Pastime with Good Company
  5. Solus Maestitia Desperatio
  6. Tempus Est Iocundum
  7. Jubilation of Earthly Delights
  8. Veni Veni Emmanuel
  9. In Taberna Quando Sumus
  10. Palastinalied
  11. Dum Pater Familias
  12. Palastinalied (21st Century Remix)

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