Olufina Baba Mi by Grupo Folklorico


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This CD is dedicated to the conservation of the Yoruba Religion (Santeria) as it is practiced in Cuba and the Americas. With this thought in mind, they recorded the songs with the originality and order they are played during ORO for the Orishas, as they have been passed down to us by our ancestors.

The music contained in this CD is performed by a traditional Guiro Group, a combination of a single conga drum, a bell which is a traditional hoe and several beaded gores or shakers, this combination and vocals gives us an exhilarating sound that inspires the blessing and fortification of the Ochas and Orishas.

Track Listing: 

  1. Elegua 
  2. Ogun 
  3. Ochosi 
  4. Baba Lu Aye 
  5. Obatala
  6. Chango 
  7. Yemaya 
  8. Oya 
  9. Orula 
  10. Orula
  11. Ochun 

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