Ritual: A Magical Journey by Kirk and Reba Poole


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If you are in search of a complete Wiccan/Goddess ritual on CD (this is actual Spoken ritual underscored by an aura of sounds from drums, very subtle synthesizers and lovely nature sounds), look no further than Ritual: A Magical Journey. La Voce Luna has created a compact yet powerful all-purpose ritual that can be experienced as a whole, or individual sections as the need arises. Do this ritual as a solo practitioner or with others. But do it. The magick requires your active presence. Finally enjoy. A MUST HAVE! 

Track List:

  1. Invocation
  2. Calling the Quarters
  3. Dedication and Anointing
  4. Chants & Dance
  5. Seeking the Vision
  6. Hail and Farewell

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