Sacred Cave Ritual by Selena Fox


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Format:  Cassette Tape

Ritual designed and facilitated by Selena Fox recorded live in a sacred cave in Wisconsin, Summer Solstice eve, June 20, 1995. Fox’s approach to spirituality blends together ancient and contemporary European and American folkways, Nature mysticism, multicurtural shamanism, and transpersonal psychology. This tape is a community celebration of Summer Solstice and Mother Earth with chanting, drumming, and meditation.

Side 1:

  • Returning to the Ancient Ways
  • Chat of the Wise Ones
  • Spirit of the Cave Attunement
  • Ancient Ones
  • Circle of Life Blessing
  • Mother Earth Heartbeat

Side 2:

  • Sacred Earth Names
  • Healing Light
  • Soul of the Earth
  • Thanksgivings
  • Old People, New People

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