Sacred Spirit Drums by David & Steve Gordon


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Native-American Flute and Incan Pan Pipe melodies soar over Tribal Drums from around the world, Guitars, Keyboards and Nature Sounds (with Wolf, Eagle, Coyote and Humpback Whale). Following up their bestseller Sacred Earth Drums, the Gordons take you deeper into their healing Shamanic journey to the heart of rhythm. Feel the compelling beat of Mother Earth – move your body and join the dance for the reverence of life!

Track Listing:

  1. Sunrise Ritual
  2. Calling the Sacred Beat
  3. Shaman’s Dance
  4. Path with a Heart
  5. Within the Cloud Lodge
  6. Spirit Vision
  7. Mother Earth, Father Sky
  8. Gift of the Eagle
  9. Flowering Tree
  10. Rainbow Hoop

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