Sacred Earth Drums by David & Steve Gordon


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Drums from around the world join with Native American Flute, Incan Pan Pipes, Spirit Rattle, Guitars, Keyboard textures, and Sounds of Nature (including Wolf, Eagle, Coyote and Dolphin). Feel the irresistible power of the beat lead you on a healing Shaman’s journey. Move your body and become absorbed in the dance – for the sacredness of life and reverence for the earth!

Track Listing:

  1. Prayer for the Four Directions
  2. Sunset Ceremony
  3. Call of the Medicine Drum
  4. Descent to the Lowerworld
  5. Dancing for a Vision
  6. Power Animals
  7. Guardian Spirit
  8. Return Journey
  9. Sun Rise in Peace

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