Shaman Journey by Grayhawk


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Grayhawk’s Shaman Journey, the first segment of his Shamanic Trilogy, is now offered in this newly remastered edition. This highly praised, best-selling classes features the virtuoso flutes of Paul Horn and the haunting cello of David Darling, complemented by a superbly powerful 80-piece orchestra and choral ensemble conducted by the composer.

Warming up with some light Classical and Caribbean Jazz, Shaman Journey weaves a rapturous tapestry of sumptuous emotional color, underscored by a lush array of nature sounds and animal voices as we sail through the shamanic underworlds of Hawaii, Lemuria and the dream lodges of Native America.

Track Listing:

  1. Tropical Waterfall
  2. Graceful Antelope
  3. Sacred Equinox
  4. Sirona
  5. Half Moon Serenade
  6. A Tutu Pele Goddess
  7. Echoes of Lemuria
  8. Shaman Journey

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