Star People by Brule


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Paul LaRoche (aka Brule) is one of the top-selling artists in Native American music. Seamlessly blending melodies from Lakota tradition with modern electronica elements, Brule’s style is nothing short of cutting edge. STAR PEOPLE is based on the Lakota legend of creation and the belief that the tribe originated from the stars. The pieces are mainly upbeat with a strong pop/rock edge that incorporates flute, piano, keyboard and a steady beat into a collection of balladic and dance selections with a Native American influence. Highlights include the soaring melodies of the title track and the exhilarating energy of “On Eagle’s Wings.”

Brand new. Only opened to make sound clips.

  1. Star People
  2. Those Human Ways
  3. Black Hills (Lakota Homeland)
  4. On Eagles Wings
  5. Celebration of the Heart
  6. Sky Offerings
  7. Seven Generations
  8. Dance of Life
  9. Chasing Clouds
  10. Sacred Direction
  11. Bear Butte Dream Song
  12. Painted Faces
  13. The Last Arrow
  14. Dakota Stardust

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