Fourth World by Nakai


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Mind and soul are comforted by the soothing voice of Native American flute with the richness of symphonic strings, oboe, French horns, trumpet and ethnic percussion. Flutist R. Carlos Nakai takes you on a peaceful voyage to new realms of the imagination.

Fourth World is nothing less than a symphony, backed by virtually a full orchestra, while his native flute soars like an eagle over the sound, an oasis of beauty and calm. Serenity has always been a hallmark of his music, here it’s offered in a slightly different setting, one that works magnificently, its grandeur muted, more like a pillow of sound for the flute. Throughout Nakai’s work there’s always been a peacefulness, and while his music is first and foremost Native American, he possesses all the qualities of a first-rate new age artist, as on the restful “Meditations on Dinetah.” This work is evidence of how much he continues to grow as an artist. The calm center remains as he keeps doing more and more with his music. The rich sounds here offer the perfect opportunity for meditation.

Track List:

  1. Fourth World, Rainbow World
  2. Shaman’s Call
  3. Comes the Dawn
  4. Sonoran Nights
  5. Whippoorwill
  6. Eye of the Eagle
  7. Garden of Dreams
  8. Into the Twilight
  9. Under the Beautiful Sky
  10. Little Dog
  11. Meditations on Dinetah

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