The Best of Serpentine by Serpentine


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This compilation features the stunning vocal rapture of Serpentine and her mysterious ultra-feminine hybrid music.

Track List:

  1. Witch World (New Track)
  2. Sex is Holy (Temple of the Heart)
  3. Divine Vagina (Darker than Black)
  4. Celebration (Darker than Black)
  5. Heru-ra-ha (Rock the Goddess)
  6. Rock the Goddess
  7. Invisible (The First Coil)
  8. Temple of the Heart
  9. Invocation to the Moon Goddess at the Sea (Rock the Goddess)
  10. Victorious (Rock the Goddess)
  11. Temple of LoveĀ (Darker than Black)
  12. Silverbird (Temple of the Heart)
  13. Belonging to No One (The First Coil)
  14. Goddess Girl (Temple of the Heart)

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