The Dreaming Gate by Inlakesh


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The Dreaming Gate is the heart of Inlakesh. Inspired by an encounter with the Nazca spider and the transformational power of masks, in rituals and daily life. The Gate is a portal where the veil of personality is left behind, as one embarks on a journey to the transpersonal wisdom of intention and timelessness. Two years in the making, The Dreaming Gate is a voyage of consciousness, a sonic offering to the great spirit of mystery. Featuring outstanding musicians playing a variety of acoustic instruments meticulously blended with location recordings and artifacts harvested in the jungles of Irian Jaya. The Dreaming Gate is a beautiful and highly original body of sound.

Track List:

  1. Inlakesh – The Gate
  2. Road to Tulku’s Palace
  3. Navigator
  4. Zia
  5. Hues of Jade
  6. Warbling Time
  7. Impermanent Nature
  8. Budgerigar
  9. Grain & Bowl
  10. Inlakesh – Wherevernever

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