Two Hands Hold the Earth by Sarah Pirtle


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Side 1:

  1. The Magic Horse
  2. The fox’s Dance
  3. Pelorus Jack
  4. May There Always Be Sunshine
  5. Across the WIde Ocean
  6. My Roots Go Down
  7. The Woman Who GObbled Swiss Cheese
  8. There’s Always Something You Can Do
  9. Wish I was a Whale
  10. Jump Salmon, Jump
  11. Seaweed Jam

Side 2:

  1. Two Hands Hold the Earth
  2. De Colores
  3. That Quiet Place
  4. Races
  5. Brother Possum
  6. I Talk to My Food
  7. I am a Person
  8. Here’s a Hand
  9. The Moon’s Lullaby

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