Across Distant Lands by Stephan Baer


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The solo debut release of European Percussionist, Stephan Baer, Across Distant Lands, is the culmination of Baer’s influences and experiences of his journeys throughout Africa and Europe. Crossing borders and blending the rhythms of different drums and percussion instruments with varied diverse cultures, Baer creates a unique World Beat hybrid.

The many voices of Africa mix with Asia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Cuba, Brazil, and Australia. Over 125 percussion instruments were used to create the rhythms of Across Distant Lands.

Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

  1. Najongo
  2. Serengeti
  3. Call of the Monsoon
  4. Mugema
  5. Hunter’s Quest
  6. Lair of the Anaconda
  7. Shango’s Curse
  8. Kukuri’s Run
  9. Along the Congo Trail
  10. Dying Thunder

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