The Dark Frontier by Stephan Baer


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The Irresistible power of the drums call the listener to celebrate and travel on a sonic sojourn throughout the continent of Africa. Sophisticated compositions of extraordinary drumming and percussion provide a deep, rich, earthy backdrop for African singing and chanting. Flutes, Marimbas, Kalimbas, Balafons and Synthesizers, sweeten the rhythms with enchanting melodies.

The Dark Frontier represents percussionist/composer Stephan Baer’s memories, visions, and passions of Africa and is an excellent complement to his previous release Across Distant Lands.

Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

  1. Spirit of Aisha
  2. Sacred River
  3. The Ceremony
  4. Lawango
  5. Nemo’s Island
  6. The Confrontation
  7. Mawalo’s Death
  8. Black Lagoon
  9. Mwari (Initiation)
  10. Beyond the Dark Frontier


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