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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

dj Cheb i Sabbah’s first DJ-mixed CD is an audio journey to Asia, Arabia, and Africa. As Far As features rare tracks and remixes from Sabbah himself as well as tracks from Natacha Atlas, Asian Dub Foundation, Trilok Gurtu, Najma, Paul Horn, and Don Cherry.

Track List:

  1. Solace: Saptak, The Samaya Mix ReMixed by dj Cheb i Sabbah
    2 Najma: Miskatonic
    3 Asian Dub Foundation: Colour Line
    4 Paul Horn: Agra, The Emerald Mix ReMixed by dj Cheb i Sabbah
    5 dj Cheb i Sabbah: Pour Matoub
    6 Toires: Layoun Lokdhor
    7 Natacha Atlas: Soleil d’Egypte
    8 Makale: Salla
    9 Gnawa Impulse: Lahillah Express ReMixed by Jan Rase
    10 Trilok Gurtu: Have We Lost Our Dream?
    11 Sekouba Bambino: Sinikan
    12 Sangoma, Suzan Hendricks and the Traditional Healers: Ngihawukele Thonga Lami
    13 Don Cherry: Neti-Neti, The Hear and Now Mix ReMixed by dj Cheb i Sabbah
    14 dj Cheb i Sabbah: Hari Om Narayan

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