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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Ascension is a transformational experience, a heavenly carriage to greater self-awareness and attunement. Open your mind and heart and you have begun the journey. The road is one easily traveled. Just remember to look for the light that is inside you, as this is from where all voyages to inner completion begin.

Track Listings:

  1.  Across The View – Richard Burmer
  2.  I Set Myself Free – Constance Demby
  3. First Kiss – Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris
  4. Flower Hill Trail – Christopher Franke
  5. One Brief Dream – Anael
  6. Seduced By An Angel – Ayman
  7. Amy’s Lullaby IV – Mars Lasar
  8. Elysian Fields – Cheryl Gunn
  9. The Hidden Smile Of Naiad – Back To Earth
  10. Reunion – Richard Burmer
  11. Th Only Answer – Collette Baron-Reid
  12. There – Miriam Stockley
  13. Improvisation One – Michel Rubini
  14. Desires Of The Heart – Chris Spheeris
  15. In The Cathedral – Gary Lamb

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