Beirut-Cairo with Asam Basma


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

  1. Hamama Belda
  2. Leyl Ou Raad
  3. Law Habbeytak
  4. Ya Hwayda El Weyda
  5. Nahr El Asi
  6. Alf Smalla
  7. Weydi Deltona
  8. Mouhlyya
  9. Kazdama Wa Tal El Mshwar
  10. Ya Leyl, Ya Leyl
  11. Harramt Ahibbak
  12. Rasamtak
  13. Darl Rmoushak
  14. Min Gheyr Leh
  15. Shlonak Eynl
  16. Ah Ya Ranine
  17. Btwannes Beek

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