Belly Dance Fantasy with Veena and Neena


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

1. Al Heyla
2. Al Arasiyya
3. Tahtihou Dajha
4. Limouni Allimouni
5. Awazil Yabou Ziloof
6. Ya Hasan Ya Khooli Gineha Egyptian Accordion Beledy
7. Tabla Plus Dynamic Drum Solo
8. Desert Sunrise Mystical Snake Music
9. Eshtaktillak Medium Tempo Workout
10. Oud Intro
11. Fog el Nakhel
12. Al Bulbul Nakha
13. Mariam Mariamti
14. Sultan Yegah Longa Anatolian Veil Dance (Slow to Fast)
15. Bedouin’s Passion Egyptian Drum Solo
16. Raksa Halabi Sword Dance from Aleppo
17. Gondol Pharaonic
18. Zeina Egyptian Candelabra Dance
19. Saidi Mizmar Dance Cane Dance from Upper Egypt
20. Zay Al Asal Upbeat Egyptian
21. Badawiyya’s Teasing Drum Solo Variation With Belly Dance Music

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