Belly Dance Nightclub


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Picture yourself in a popular Lebanese nightclub. Famed dancers light up the floor with their captivating moves and elaborate costumes. The live band performs well-known hits as everyone sings along. People are up on their tables dancing the night away… Welcome to the Belly Dance Nightclub!

Track List:

  1. Ya Salam
  2. Ya Bahiyya
  3. Ala Nar
  4. Mita Ashoufak
  5. Shabakni Al Hawa
  6. Ya Wad Ya Wala
  7. Mayya Isgini
  8. Ya Hilwa Ya Zein
  9. Ayel Mani Ayel
  10. Ya Racheb
  11. Tigi Nigsim II Amar
  12. Walla Sebbou Hal Gahwa
  13. Fi Youm Wa Leyla
  14. Wahashtini
  15. Zoy El Hawa
  16. Ghanilli Shwayyi
  17. Khatawat Ghazala

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