On Fire!


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Through graceful movements and intriguing rhythms, belly dance captivates the hearts of millions around the world. Some embrace this art form professionally, some as a hobby – either way this ancient art form enhances one’s spirituality, well-being, and sensuality.

This CD soundtrack features the music from the best-selling DVD On Fire! which presents dynamic performances by world-renowned dancers. Through their diverse styles, they present some of the most popular and authentic belly dance music.

Track List:

  1. Sallam Alay
  2. Daret Al Ayam
  3. Henna Ya El Henna
  4. Hilwa Laaba Di
  5. Gana Al Hawa
  6. Luxor Baladna
  7. Wahashtini
  8. Balady
  9. Cycle of LIfe
  10. Sawwah
  11. Tahtil Shibbak

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