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Candlelight Spells is a comprehensive guide to the traditional Sabbat feasts of the witch’s year. It contains many recipes and rituals for their proper celebration. Sections include herbal remedies, traditional crafts, and the making of powerful spells and amulets.

Sample topics: The Old Religion, Sabbat Feasts, Traditional Recipes, Candle Crafting, A Witch’s Guide to Herbs, Spellcasting, and A Lexicon of Witchcraft.

Candlelight Spells is an indispensable guide for those truly interested in the culture and lore of the earth’s oldest religion.

Gerina Dunwich is a self-dedicated Witch, historian, poet and student of the Occult arts. She lives in Salem, Massachusetts, where she edits and publishes Golden Isis, a Wiccan literary journal of poetry and mystical art.

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