Devi by Chloe Goodchild


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Devi – Divine Feminine or Goddess – brings together many favorite devotional chants spanning the Hindu, Christian, Buddhist and Sufi traditions. Such chanting is vibrational medicine, a simple yet profound means of awakening the singing heart while side-stepping the everyday mind.

Chloe Goodchild endeavored to bring a fresh contemporary interpretation to each chant – especially ‘Kyrie’ and ‘Ave Maria’ – by improvising around the central melodic themes. These improvisations are spontaneous invocations of the heart as inspired by the original music.

Track Listing:

  1. Devi
  2. Kyrie
  3. Thy Will/Jaya Bhagavan
  4. Ave Maria
  5. Taron
  6. Gone Gone Far Beyond

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