Legends of the Goddess by Laura Powers


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Step into a world that is steeped in the imagery of another era. Reach through the portal of time with a mystical experience at Stonehenge (Circle of Stone), fly on the raven’s wing as Morrighan prepares to meet her destiny (Morrighan’s Quest) and journey to the quiet place “in-between my thoughts and my dreams” (My Avalon) that so many of us seek. There is something at work here beyond the usual scope of imagery and songs. You’re invited to experience the musical journey now… 

Track List:

  1. Winter of Dreams
  2. I surrender all
  3. Circle of Stone
  4. Samhain Madrigal
  5. Morrigan Quest
  6. The Hunt is Sweetest
  7. Tir Na Gog
  8. The Goddess of the Hunter Moon
  9. My Avalon
  10. Interlude (Pipes)
  11. Song of One

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