Magick Mirror Past Life Journey by Dennis Carpenter


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Format:  Cassette Tape

Side One of this tape begins with explanatory remarks regarding Past Life journeys and the use of this tape. A guided journey to a “Special Place in Nature” follows these introductory comments. This guided meditation provides the basic framework within which a Past Life will be explored on Side Two. You will be guided to that “Special Place in Nature” where you will be able to experience a very deep sense of relaxation.

Side Two is to be used specifically for exploring a Past Life. This mediation will also take you to a “Special Place in Nature” where you will again be able to experience a very deep sense of relaxation. The “Magick Mirror” inner journey is incorporated into this experience to enable you to move to a time and life that occurred before in history. This meditation will help you be able to remember a Past Life as well as help you incorporate the lessons of that life into your current one. This meditation can be used repeatedly for the purposes of exploring a Past Life in more depth or for exploring other Past Lives as well.

Meditations and directions written and spoken by Dennis Carpenter, recorded at Spring Equinox 1988 at Concept Productions, Madison, WI. Produced by Dennis Carpenter and his wife Selene Fox. Dennis Carpenter, M.S.Ed., is High Priest of Circle Sanctuary, a Wiccan, and Psychotherapist, and Hypnotherapist, as well as a Professional Member of the Association for Past Life Research and Therapy.

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