Rhythmic Essence: The Art of The Dumbek by R.A. Fish


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In his premier recording, world-class percussionist R.A. Fish explores a myriad of rhythms and dances performed on the Dumbek, the small but powerful ancient drum of the Middle East. Usually heard only in ensemble performance, here the Dumbek takes center stage to establish itself as a powerful solo instrument of great range and intensity. Rhythmic essence is an all-digital recording that sonically places the listener between the head, and the open bell end of the drum. A special four-microphone arrangement was employed for this recording, capturing subtle overtones and nuances rarely heard in conventional drum recordings. Several of the selections feature bells, chimes, and an original accompanying flute melody on the cut “Ghawazee”. Rhythmic Essence – a dynamic adventure in rhythm!

Track Listing:

  1. African Dance
  2. Whirling Dervish Rhythm
  3. Pakistani Sufi Rhythm
  4. Middle Eastern Dance
  5. Ghawazee
  6. Rhythmic Essence

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