Medicine Wheel by Robert Gass


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Medicine Wheel is a unique and magical journey into the world of Native American inspired music. The 35 voices of the renowned choral group On Wings of Song are joined by well-known Native American musicians including Brooke Medicine Eagle, flutist Spotted Eagle, and the Wil Numkena Singesr.

Master composer/producer Robert Gass has artfully blended traditional American Indian songs and instruments with original compositions (including an exquisite choral piece based on the well-known speech of Chief Seattle), all set into background of natural sounds – the Colorado river, wind, thunder, songbirds, crickets, cicadas, a red-tail hawk – the music of the living Earth.

Track List:

  1. Sunrise Vision
  2. Hey Ney Yana
  3. In Sunrise I Walk (Shundiin)
  4. Neesa Neesa
  5. Kiowa Round Dance
  6. Woa Woa
  7. Song of Chief Seattle
  8. What is Lost
  9. Buffalo Entrance Song
  10. Medicine Wheel

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