Heart of Perfect Wisdom/A Sufi Song of Love by Robert Gass


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Brand new. Opened only to make sound clips.

Heart of Perfect Wisdom

An extraordinary cross-cultural tapestry based on the Buddhist Heart Sulra. Features Tibetan overtone chanting and bells, with Nepalese bamboo flutes. The frequencies produced by this recording are psycho-acoustically effective in instilling a deep sense of peace and calmness.

A Sufi Song of Love

Based on the beautiful Sufi chant KALAMA, the version presented here brings the listener into new dimensions of choral chanting music, as this simple melody is woven into a stunning musical tapestry. The melody used in this recording is a variation of the original Dance of Universal Peace. The original melody is sung by the solo voice at the very beginning of “A Sufi Song of Love”.

Track List:

  1. Gate Gate
  2. Beyond the Beyond
  3. A Sufi Song of Love

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