Root, Seed, Thorn & Flower by Anne Lister


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With Steafan Hannigan on pipes, percussion, whistle and Turkish clarinet, Mike O’Connor on fiddle, Caitlin Matthews singing harmony and Terry Mann on saxophone.

Track List:

  1. A Dream of Islands
  2. A Song for Anne Neville
  3. The Battle of Morfa Rhuddlan
  4. The Lost Child
  5. Midwinter
  6. Ragnall
  7. The Champion Dances/Lemady
  8. Four Queens
  9. Sword and Scabbard
  10. Beech and Willow
  11. Taliesin
  12. Round
  13. The Lady
  14. Gawain’s Leavetaking
  15. Time to Go Home

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